Welcome to our second edition of CUTERA CONNECTION. With COVID restrictions easing in Sydney and Melbourne, it is with a heightened sense of optimism that I share a few thoughts on some of the successes and challenges experienced by CUTERA and our loyal customers over the past few months. With many customers faced with Govt imposed lockdowns and having to let staff go, (albeit temporarily in many cases) times have rarely been more challenging for our industry. Fortunately many of our customers continued to demonstrate a strong sense of resilience, determination and strategy in the knowledge that these COVID restrictions would not be forever. As such, a large number chose to invest in CUTERA’s advanced technology during these difficult times to ensure they had a strategic plan to differentiate their clinical offerings from competition and to accelerate their growth coming out of COVID restrictions. CUTERA’s Excel V+, XEO, Enlighten and our TRUBODY portfolio (truSculpt iD & truSculpt FLEX) continue to be in high demand and deliver best-in-class results for a wide variety of patients and clinics.

We are also very excited to announce that we have JUST launched our new and innovative truSculpt FLEX+ treatment option that contains all the key benefits of truSculpt FLEX’s multi-directional, bioelectrical muscle stimulation technology but packaged up in 1 x 15 minute treatment. This makes FLEX+ the most effective and convenient non-invasive muscle stimulation treatment plus the best TRUBODY combination therapy when combined with TruSculpt iD’s 15 minute non-invasive fat reduction system. Now clinics can offer patients 24% fat reduction and 30% increase in muscle mass – all in 1 x 15 min truSculpt iD and 4 x truSculpt flex+ 15min treatments – CUTERA’s TRUBODY.


trusculpt FLEX


trusculpt iD

To further support our customers as they come out of lockdown, CUTERA has created an additional Sales Manager position – Zay Nadali, who is responsible for supporting customers in VIC & TAS. Zay is customer-centric and focused on ensuring continuous deliveries on great service and support to all our customers. 

Based on customer feedback, we have also recognised the increasing need for comprehensive staff training since COVID lockdowns and have invested in recruiting more clinical trainers and launched our “Knowledge is POWER” educational webinar series to support customers during the lockdown periods. We have also added two additional Field Service Engineers to support customers all over Australia & New Zealand.

At CUTERA ANZ we are determined to be the best possible partner to our customers and that starts with delivering well engineered, safe, effective, and easy-to-use innovative technology and providing strong ongoing support through training and service. CUTERA is also investing heavily in marketing to support increasing patient flow and treatment demand for customers.

We continue to offer customers a diverse portfolio of advanced technology only matched by my wonderful team of people dedicated to supporting our customers and their staff to deliver patients the best possible treatment outcomes – the foundation of any successful clinic or medical practice.

Best wishes to everyone and your families as we approach the Xmas holiday period after one of the toughest years in memory for many. The resilience and determination of people in the aesthetics space to always find a way to manage, in spite of the many challenges thrown up by COVID and the subsequent Govt imposed lockdowns, has been inspirational and we look forward to continuing to support you in 2022.

Brett Elliott



Although relatively new to the world of aesthetics, Brett has a proven track record in building high performing teams, businesses, and cultures across multiple industries. Brett has been a senior leader with Global entities such as Pfizer and Alcon before joining CUTERA 4yrs ago. Through his strong leadership and ability to identify, attract and retain key talent, Brett has transformed CUTERA ANZ into a world leading, customer centric organization focused on developing mutually rewarding and sustainable partnerships with customers through CUTERA’s advanced technology and premium customer support.



Zay Nadali

Area Sales Manager – VIC WEST & TAS

Zay is an optimistic and enthusiastic sales professional with over 15 years of experience as a manager across multiple industries. She is skilled at developing the right action plan for each of her client’s needs. Zay found her passion within the aesthetics industry a number of years ago and thrives on helping clinics grow their business where customer satisfaction, support and service is a top priority.

Throughout her career, Zay has earned the trust of several businesses and maintains strong client relationships that generate repeat business. She attributes her success to her unique ability to understand customer pain points and put their needs first.