Cutera’s excel V+ is one of the most advanced vascular lasers on the market. By providing two clinically proven laser wavelengths, 1064 nm and 532 nm, excel V+ can efficiently treat more than 20 indications.

A new LBO (lithium triborate) crystal has been introduced. It is more stable and 50% more potent than the standard 532 nm KTP. In addition, this new excel V+ has a large spot size of 16 mm and can treat the face and chest areas faster.

Switching from 1064 to LBO 532 with the same sapphire handpiece is simple and intuitive with the excel V+ touch screen. The 1064nm Nd: YAG wavelength extends the treatment capabilities to include deeper and denser vascular lesions and veins.

Excel V+ also features a small and precise handpiece, Dermastat™, with a spot size of 1-2 mm, which helps treat small blood vessels and lesions, especially for targeted treatment around the nose.

Cutera’s signature Laser Genesis™ procedure provides a non-ablative treatment to solve skin regeneration texture and scar problems with no downtime. The new feature of excel V+ is also the Green Genesis handpiece, which provides a more targeted method to solve erythema and diffuse redness and is safe for all skin types.

I would say that the Excel V + is way ahead of other technologies on the market. It is a highly engineered and versatile device that targets vascular and pigmentary conditions. At All Saints we use it for many different indications and it is great to have one device that is so flexible, treating such a range of conditions on all skin types including: deeper, darker vascular lesions, rosacea, photodamage and facial telangiectasias. It forms an essential part of our signature Red Carpet Laser Facial with its Genesis component - improving fine lines wrinkles and promoting collagen, as well as softening scars. The green Genesis targets reds and browns on the face and the body with no downtime. In addition to all these benefits, the Genesis treatments are twice as powerful in half the time.