The fitness industry has changed dramatically since the world was hit with coronavirus COVID19. As a result of COVID-19, the gymnasium & sports sector has already faced and will continue to face unprecedented challenges. According to a recent analysis by Fitness Australia, there has been a reported dramatic decline in gym memberships across the country, with many people choosing not to renew their gym membership – a result of uncertainty & unpredictability. Today, it seems like Australians are searching for new ways to stay in shape, with body contouring procedures being one of them.

Since the doors opened back up for Medical and Cosmetic Clinics, many practices have seen an increase in customers specifically requesting body contouring and sculpting procedures. We are now starting to see data from the aftereffects of the pandemic; the data revealed a large percentage of the general population experienced weight gain and loss of muscle tone due to quarantine and other restrictions. Fortunately, the truSculpt ID & truSculpt Flex by Cutera can help to achieve all the exercise gains without any of the sweat. Furthermore, these treatments can be delivered in a controlled, medical, and safe environment.

The Technology Behind the Results

Cutera’s signature TruBody treatment protocol is a total body shaping solution, that pairs two technologies: truSculpt ID & truSculpt Flex. By employing these two innovative devices together, we can non-invasively accomplish both a reduction in fat and build muscle.

The truSculpt ID™ works by delivering mono-polar radio frequency into the subcutaneous adipocyte cells. By utilizing a low frequency of 2MHZ mono-polar RF; Cutera’s proprietary and uniform delivery technology penetrates deep to treat the entire fat layer from skin to muscle, offering the deepest therapeutic penetration on the market. Once fat cells are selectively heated to a point of irreversible damage, the biological response of apoptosis occurs. This regulated and controlled process allows for the damaged fat cells to gradually be removed and excreted through the body’s natural metabolic system, over a 8-12 week process. Resulting in an average 24% fat reduction after a single treatment.

The truSculpt Flex™ is one of Cutera ’s latest inventions and deploys a unique method of bio-electrical muscle stimulation to target specific muscle groups. This muscle sculpting device offers a personalized treatment based on individual fitness level, shape, and goals. By using a specific electric current, muscles are stimulated utilizing multiple frequencies, so that we can control not only how the muscles contract, but both the intensity and the patient experiences. The truSculpt flex algorithm simulates 5 different workouts over 3 different treatment modes, Prep, Tone & Sculpt. By imitating the various exercises performed within a fitness environment, we can challenge and selectively contract the muscles to increase strength and endurance or to build muscle mass. The truSculpt Flex travels far beyond what is commonly achievable in a fitness environment – simulating 54,000 crunches in one single treatment.

A key advantage of both technologies is that they require no downtime whatsoever. The treatments are comfortable and provides for safe and consistent results through direct, selective, and customizable energy delivery. With so many of us unable to attain our ideal body shape and the current condition of the world making it even tougher, recent advances in technology such as body sculpting devices provide a viable solution.




With over 10 years’ experience within the Medical Aesthetics field, Kristie has worked alongside world-class leaders, including pioneering Dermatologists from across the Globe. Her entire career has been focused on using Laser and Light technologies within clinical settings. Using her wealth of experience, Kristie progressed into an educational role 6 years ago and has since been established with Capital Equipment global market leaders; providing comprehensive training with a passionate, dedicated and patient manner. Kristie has more recently become a part of the Cutera Team.