January, 2021 saw the launch of our all new truBody concept: a unique body sculpting solution to remove fat, rebuild muscle, and renew skin. truBody combines our two market-leading body sculpting technologies, truSculpt iD (Monopolar RF 2MHz), for permanent fat removal and skin tightening, with our unique Multi-Directional Stimulation (MDS) muscle sculpting device, truSculpt flex. With the unprecedented levels of demand for non-surgical body sculpting treatments in 2021, consecutive Covid-19 lockdowns, truBody provided practitioners an opportunity to engage with their clients with a revolutionary 360-degree approach to body sculpting.

Number of Treatment(s): 1 — Photo Courtesy of: Mira Kaga, M.D.

Number of Treatment(s): 1 — Photo Courtesy of: Stephen Ronan, M.D.

Our truSculpt iD is the only RF device FDA- cleared for lipolysis through deep tissue heating. truSculpt iD operates at a 2 MHz frequency and features six applicators that can be applied simultaneously. These flexible hand pieces can be arranged and customized to adhere to small or large stubborn fat pockets (or anatomic areas), thus offering an easy to use hands-free treatment while ensuring even heat distribution and comfort.

truBody also includes the truSculpt flex which is an electrical muscle stimulation device that has been FDA0cleared for strengthening, firming, and toning the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. With 16 hand pieces the truSculpt Flex simultaneously operates at three different modes, each with varied intensities, for a customizable muscle contraction treatment, dependent on the patient fitness levels and goals (endurance or sculpting).

“The combination of TSiD and TsFlex or TruBody is the combination treatment of both systems to wholistically treat the body in addressing stubborn fat and building muscle. Through reducing superficial fat improves an bodies contour, whilst increasing muscle density not only tone, defines but improves mobility, functionality and increases the metabolic rate, to even further accelerate body goals.”

Dr Sean Arendse, Owner of Flawless Rejuvenation Clinics, Victoria: “Cutera has done it again by developing leading edge technology and partnering with leading physicians world-wide to bring new innovation to the industry. This technology opens up the possibilities for any aesthetics provider looking to offer best-in-class muscle toning and body sculpting procedure, which when combined as a truBody treatment, will give any clinic an amazing edge over any other offering in the aesthetic space today. Consumers, especially in Australia over the past few years have really become interested and invested in leading a healthier lifestyle, focusing on diet and exercise and this has naturally translated in to an increasing focus on body image and body toning, so naturally we have seen an exponential demand in body contouring devices.

I was an early adopter of Coolsculpting when it first was introduced to Australia 6 years ago because I really believed in the technology and the results that can be achieved. Over the last few years these technologies have come along in leaps and bounds with faster, more effective and shorter treatments. The gold standard in the industry for fat reduction is the truSculptID reducing treatment times down to 15 mins with an average of 24% reduction in fat per treatment. Over the last couple of years, we have seen the introduction of devices which can now build and define muscle, everyone wants the muscle definition without the hours and hours in the gym, so the truSculptflex is an absolute game changer with the ability to build and define muscle in your lunchtime. 

I see these devices being in high demand especially since over the past few months as we have been unable to get to our gyms, due to the COVID 19 lockdown, everyone is looking for a kickstart which I believe by combining the truSculptID and truSculptflex as part of a truBody treatment you will be one step closer to achieving the body shape you desire. 

From the minute I bought my first Cutera device, I was blown away. Cutera devices are the gold standard in the industry and deliver result time and time after, consistently, reliably and safety. I know that when I turn the key on my Cutera device that is will always fire up and deliver the results not only I expect but what my clients expect.”