It’s almost as frustrating as someone not wiping down the machine after they’re done. You’re fit, have a healthy diet sorted as well as a vigorous exercise program that you’ve been staying true to.

But for some reason you struggle to get the results you’re looking for getting rid of stubborn fat from that one annoying part of your body. It drives you crazy every time you look in the mirror, not because you don’t like what you see, but because exactly what you should be doing, without results in one place.

It’s not as uncommon as you might think. One of the challenges that fit people with regular exercise schedules can still face is stubborn or subcutaneous fat, which sits right below the skin. Despite an excellent diet and regular vigorous exercise, this type of fat can persist in specific body areas, especially after two years of lockdowns and disruptions. While for some it sits below the stomach, for others it’s in their underarms, or under their chin, however, everyone can agree that it’s a fat that’s much harder to shift.

Well, now there’s a quick treatment you can squeeze into a lunch break that let’s you target the area and get that fat moving. It’s just one part of a TGA-approved body-sculpting treatment from CUTERA called truBody. It uses radio frequency to heat, target and reduce fat. Meanwhile a multi-directional stimulation technology replicates intensified crunch, squat and twisting actions and is clinically proven to increase muscle mass by an average of 30%. It’s the same as doing 54,000 crunches in just 15 minutes.

Just four simple treatments at a clinic with the truBody regime is all it takes to iron out stubborn fat spots, and build strength. The first treatment is 30 mins, while the other three are just 15 minutes each, spread out across at least a month. There’s no preparation or recovery time needed, so you can literally pop in and pop out during a lunch break.