Laser genesis is Cutera’s Proprietry Technology and Signature Treatment , often referred to as the Hollywood treatment as it is very popular with celebrities prior to award ceremonies, it is available on every single CUTERA Laser Device we make.

Laser Genesis treats the skins Microvasculature, which is made up of Hemoglobin, Melanin and Water. It sits just underneath the epidermis, it’s what I like to refer to as sallow, tired looking skin.

The unique .3ms pulse duration targets and shuts down the fine hemoglobin that sits in this level, because we do lots and lots of pulses this creates a microscopic heat shock injury which results in a cascade of healing events, whereby the macrophage activity comes to the rescue to clean up whatever debris is there, so whatever Melanin is sitting in that level also gets washed away – resulting in a clear tone and glow of the skin.

Again, because we do lots and lots of pulses, this warms the area to anywhere between 39-43 degrees creating sustained bulk heating ,which kick starts neo collagenesis – resulting in a refined texture

But it doesn’t only work on tone and texture, when we heat the skin we can also temporarily shrink the sebaceous gland, so clients with thick oily skin LOVE this treatment as they feel more ‘matte’ and report a reduction in pore size

Also when we heat the area we can kill bacteria, so this is my number 1 treatment for mild to moderate inflammatory acne. If you think about it logically, acne has all the chromophores the laser is looking for – redness (hemoglobin ), dark shadowing (melanin) and inflammation (water)  – the results are phenomenal

The treatment is like warm raindrops, most clients go to sleep, including me. The technique in the delivery can differ between lighter (1-3) to darker (4-6) skin types, but the end result will be the same – just remember – DON’T SKIMP ON THE PULSES! It is all about the injury, divide the face into your zones and get the maximum amount of pulses for your system into that area, slow down the rep rate if your clients are getting too hot and you are stopping and starting a lot.

If you are lucky enough to own the excel V+, you also have the new 532 ‘Green Genesis, which is amazing for Diffuse Redness and Flushing, you can literally see the vascularity shut down in front of your eyes, the technique is a lot slower and less pulses because you do not want to heat the skin and inflame the inflammation but rather just shut down the vessels.

Every Single Person that walks into your clinic can have laser genesis, so if you are not doing this treatment all day every day – call me!



Danielle joined the team in 2014 and is Cutera ANZ’s Product and Clinical Manager.

She is an expert in her field with more than 20 years’ experience working with cosmetic and medical laser devices, Radio Frequency, Ultrasound, and IPL technologies.

Danielle has advised and trained many aesthetic professionals in the beauty and medical industries and has extensive experience in treating patients and optimizing your results using these aesthetic technologies. Danielle has previously worked with two other leading companies in the aesthetic laser arena and brings competitive knowledge and a strong practice marketing background.