How CUTERA Supports You


Your Destination to all things CUTERA… MY CUTERA customer support Portal and Online Shop, provides customers on-demand access to all the latest Clinical Marketing and Service tools to supports CUTERA’s complete range of products.

By now you should have your clinics log on details. We encourage, if you haven’t done so already, to take some time to look around the Portal and to see how this can best work for your clinic and customer experience.


At CUTERA, we pride ourselves of the level of post-sale support we deliver to our valued customers. Training is a critical aspect of this. CUTERA’s clinical trainers are available to train new staff on the very basics as well as upskill and refine the technique of your current team. Clinical training is beneficial for individual and team development, it helps to support teamwork within the clinic and also drive more revenue within the clinic. Training is offered in an 8-hour time block, this allows you to make the most of the day with your clinical trainer, the training day can be modified to suit the needs of your team.

Warranty Extension

CUTERA offers a comprehensive warranty to ensure you get the parts and service you need. Our coverage provides peace of mind that others simply cannot, with no hidden fine print. Your Plan will have no hidden or additional costs, offering you piece of mind knowing your downtime will be at a minimum. We also offer flexible payment plans, to allow you to work in with your budget and include our annual Preventative Maintenance Service to ensure your system is running at its optimum.

Service and Repairs

Our CUTERA service team has the in-depth expertise, to quickly and accurately repair your CUTERA devices with the latest technologies and genuine parts. Our team of dedicated professionals understands how important your CUTERA device is to your practice – therefore, we have dedicated engineers based in each state.

Caring for your system

Cutera System Recommended User Maintenance

Clean the External Surfaces of the system console – Daily or as needed

Clean the system touchscreen display – Daily or as needed

Inspect and clean the heat exchanger intake – Inspect weekly; clean monthly or as needed

Check and fill the coolant reservoir – Inspect weekly; Fill when required

Inspect and clean the handpiece/s – During treatment, as needed and between patient use

Check the condition of the operator eyewear and patient goggles before use

Cutera Laser System Operating Tips

The service team recommend that you turn on your Cutera Laser System and leave in Standby for 30 minutes prior to use as it,

Allows the DI Water to cycle through the deionising cartridge, cleaning the water prior to use

Allows the system to reach optimal operating temperature

Provides the clinic team an opportunity to do the above user maintenance

Enables your Cutera Laser to operate to optimal capacity