I love being able to see a patient for a holistic treatment that includes a full face Limelight for freckles and pigmentation, some Acutip for blood vessels and hard to reach areas, finished off by a laser Genesis to the decolletage. We have grown our Cutera platform from an initial workhorse Xeo to include two Excel V+ lasers. In the next 12 months we have our sights set on another Xeo for our second clinic and to branch into TruSculpt and Truflex for body contouring.

We have had Cutera since the early days of All Saints and the experience has always been extremely positive. The device is reliable, easy to use and backed by science. Additionally, Cutera has always been a great company to work with, really believing in their devices and offering support to our team whenever we have needed it. Most importantly it enables us to give our clients impressive and reproducible results.

Cutera devices deliver results time and time again, consistently, reliably and safely. I know that when I turn the key on my Cutera device that is will always fire up and deliver the results not only I expect but that my clients expect. Partnering with Cutera allows me to keep my practice ahead of the curve. Cutera’s constant innovation allows me to offer new proven treatments, and results to my aesthetic clients. The ongoing support that not only me but also my staff receive from Cutera is something that I have not experienced with any other device company.

I was impressed with the Cutera research that showed a rapid increase in muscle bulk following treatment with truSculpt flex I have now used the flex at SunSculpt, located in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast, with excellent results in selected patients. In my opinion, the truSculpt flex delivers both muscle sculpting and toning faster than any other treatment modality.

The Cutera truBody system yields great clinical results for muscle building and non-surgical fat reduction. A muscle building device like truSculpt flex can be used alongside a fat reduction technology like truSculpt iD to elevate body aesthetics to the next level. At ODE Dermatology, my brand new medical and aesthetic dermatology clinic in Melbourne, the truBody system is woven into multi-modality protocols to ensure visibly transformative results on both the inside and out.

The Cutera Enlighten III Picosecond laser is a tremendously versatile device that I believe is gold-standard in its class at present. While useful in removing tattoo pigment, we have extensively and successfully utilised it in the treatment of difficult pigmentary conditions such as melasma and Naevus of Ota. I also use it as one of my go-to treatments for toning, rejuvenation and acne scarring in darker skin types. Cutera have provided excellent support and aftercare, and have always been receptive to myfeedback and requirements.